Event Speaking

Karen uniquely bridges the gap between technology and humanity to bring practical and meaningful examples to business and professionals to thrive in the Future of Work.

Karen has motivated and inspired audiences at European Conferences and at Global Events alike, sharing her more than two decades of experience in Virtual Leadership, Hybrid Work, a Digital Mindset, Autonomous Teams and Global Collaboration.

Event Types

Karen can support a variety of events, live or virtual, including the formats below:

Virtual Events, inspiring and connecting virtual teams

Plenary Sessions, to captivate conference and business audiences

Networking Seminars, to foster expert connections and knowledge sharing

Training Seminars, to share knowledge and stimulate learning

Panel Discussions, providing insights and diverse perspectives

Round Tables, with engaging and thought-provoking dialogues

Leadership Dialogues, to instil belief and inspiration for change

“Outstanding, instilling a sense of enthusiasm and motivation with thought-provoking content. Truly emphasized the transformative potential of embracing virtual work for personal growth, enhanced connections, and cross-cultural exchange.”

Profile - Hisam Ahmed

Hisam Ahmad

Head of Enterprise Architecture, WPP Media (Group M)

“Karen’s ability to shift minds while engaging the audience and challenging their perspectives is refreshing leading the way for adaptability and a transformative approach.”

Profile - Matthias Roder

Matthias Röder

MD, Karajan Institute

“Karen is an engaging panelist providing invaluable insights and strategies on how to humanise the way technology influences our work. Her ability to convey future opportunities and outline actionable steps to progress is truly thought-provoking.”

Profile - Cindy Chin

Cindy Chin

CEO, CLC Advisors

Who We Have Worked With

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