Homogeneous teams are outperformed by diverse teams by 35%.


86% of leaders blame lack of collaboration for workplace failure.


Collaborative work consumes 85% of people’s work week.


60% of innovation work involves collaboration.

Sources: Harvard Business Review, Accenture, Salesforce, Gallup

The Challenge We Face

With the ever-changing dynamics of work and people’s expectations, the demand for flexible, virtual, and hybrid work models, the rise of the gig economy, a desire for more autonomy and the impact of technology advancements, organisations and leaders need to be consistently relevant and adaptive.

The evolving working landscape means that continuous learning, skilling and upskilling to build capability requires a cohesive and future-proof approach, underpinned by organisational infrastructure and clear intention by leadership. Uniting diverse people through common purpose, mindset, and behaviours fosters a strong cultural identity, creating an environment where collaboration thrives and the possibilities are endless.

The Opportunity We Offer

We PARTNER to build the eco-system you need

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We engage in strategic partnering to establish optimal new ways of working, including the design or redesign of operating models, processes, and human resource policies.

How We Do It
  • Build an Ecosystem that respects hierarchy, influencers, and networks.
  • Reimagine new ways of working.
  • Design future-proof operations.
  • Design HRM policies.
  • Strategic Communications.
  • Implement as required.

We STRENGTHEN agile purpose driven leaders

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Intentional LEADERS

We strengthen the leadership agility of diverse teams and communities fostering a collaborative inclusive culture that commits people through shared identity and purpose

How We Do It
  • Leadership for Resilience
    a comprehensive exploration of modern leadership techniques to create intention, flexibility and productivity during times of change.
  • Virtual and Hybrid Leadership Mastery providing the tools and techniques to lead dynamic teams and build connectivity, collaboration and productivity over distance.
  • Leading a Purpose Driven Workforce build on the principles of shared identity and purpose to increase alignment, motivation and engagement.
  • Communities of Practice strategy, execution, method, toolkit, leading by influence, to create cross border, division, country collaboration and knowledge sharing for strategic value, individual or multiple.

These programs indicate our capability to help you. We will tailor courses to address your specific needs.

We DEVELOP a thriving collaboration culture

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Dynamic PEOPLE

We develop people’s skills and capability to foster a thriving flexible, high-performance team culture that is inclusive, agile, digitally savvy, and collaborative.

How We Do It
  • Team Dynamics and Diagnostics Mastery exploration of individual and team behaviour, to identify people in a cohesive, collaborative, high-performing, inclusive team culture.
  • Collaboration Capability growing a digital mindset, effective collaboration and communication techniques to increase agility, innovation and dynamic team success.
  • Purpose Driven People alignment of individual, team and organisational goals to create harmony, engagement and high-performance.
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset establishing a continuous learning attitude and optimism to address challenges as opportunities.

These programs indicate our capability to help you. We will tailor courses to address your specific needs.

The Way We Work

Strategic partnering and learning solutions are customised to your needs, and are available in-person and online. In person sessions are whole day or multiple thereof. Online sessions can be arranged in 90-minute segmentations.

We use a variety of creative methods to make your learning journey memorable and enjoyable to leave a lasting impression for self-reflection and on-going behavioural change.













“Karen is a unique and excellent leader for global collaboration and future work. The knowledge and experience she possesses is rare in the world and her ability to make sense of digital collaboration and culture and translate that for multiple audiences is the recipe to transform people and organisations.”

Profile - Hisam Ahmed

Reza Moussavian

VP, People and Organisation Transformation, Zalando, Josh Bersin Senior Faculty

“Change and transformation require true leadership like Karen’s. Her ability to execute clear goals, while motivating and enabling the organisation to develop from followers into leaders, achieves sustainable results. Her excellence in operations, her focus on collaboration and processes have been key in making change happen, contributing to our joint success.”

Profile - Hisam Ahmed

Christian Till Roga

Consultant, SpencerStuart

“I worked with Karen in a complex, multi-national company where she consistently exhibited visionary leadership for collaboration and culture initiatives. Her genuine passion for mentorship and alignment with the broader company goals helped the company learn, innovate and grow, inspiring many teams and individuals like myself.”

Profile - Matthias Roder

Luc Glasbeek

Assistant Professor, School of Business and Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Who We Have Worked With

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