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Intentional Steps for Virtual Leaders

In this 6th and final Virtual Leadership article of this series, I conclude with an infographic, “Intentional Steps for Virtual Leaders”. Leading with intention refers to a leadership style where decisions and actions are made deliberately and thoughtfully, with clear awareness of the outcomes or impacts they will have. It’s about being mindful, purposeful, and attentive in the way you guide and influence others. As we have learned in the last articles, virtual leadership requires subtle adaptions to presence work.  Previous articles below:

There have been 7 recurring themes and multiple sub-themes on virtual leadership in the previous articles: Virtual Leadership Capability, Team Commitment, Collaborative Decision Making, Team Identity, Shared Understanding, Open Communication and Establishing & Maintaining Trust. The infographic below provides you with a summary view of our learnings from the last 5 articles.

intentional steps for virtual leaders infographic

In essence, virtual leadership requires leading with intention. Being deliberate in one’s leadership style, conscious of one’s influence, and focused on making positive impacts can only result in a more connected, collaborative and productive virtual team experience.

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